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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


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Department of Poultry, Product Quality and Safety

Last update: 13.01.2014 at 16:44

MNAU. Patryeva Ludmyla.Patryeva Ludmyla – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences and Professor, the Head of the Department

telephone/fax +38 0 (512) 34-30-57

Logo of Department of Poultry, Product Quality and Safety.History of the Department
The Department was created in the December 2012 for the in-depth training on poultry farming technologists, quality and safety of products. The Head of the Department is Ludmila S. Patreva, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences and Professor.

The teaching staff of the Department
Patryeva Ludmyla – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, the Head of the Department
Kotsyubenko Ganna – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Koval Olga – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Starodubets Alexiy – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Lecturer
Stashkevich Olena – Senior Lecturer
Pysmenna Irina – Graduate student
Groza Varvara – Graduate student
Kovtun Tetyana – the Head of the Laboratory

MNAU. Department of Poultry, Product Quality and Safety.

List of Academic Disciplines
Technology of poultry products production
Horse breeding
Scientific support of advances in animal husbandry
The technology of rabbit and fur farming
Technology of livestock products
Quality and safety of animal products
Laboratory diagnosis of the quality and safety of products of animal and plant origin
Biology of the Cell
Technology of production, processing and storage of agricultural products

MNAU. Department of Poultry, Product Quality and Safety.

Scientific Activity
Teachers of the department are actively engaged in research work in the following areas:
Budget topic – saving technologies to develop components of the production of meat and poultry quality in the Southern region;
Contract topics: improving the processing methods;
Initiative topics:
- Breeding and genetic improvement of processing methods and increasing the productivity of poultry meat production;
- Scientific and practical methods to improve the performance of rabbits and product quality;
- The technology of breeding and sport horse breeding;
- Horses reproduction technology and rearing;
- Biotechnology of animals breeding;
- Breeding of Scottish terrier.

MNAU. Department of Poultry, Product Quality and Safety.

Educational activity
The Department provides teaching of 9 disciplines for full-time and part-time students of NNAU. Teachers of the department prepared the methodological support packages that allow high-quality training using modern software materials and video files. The practical classes are held in the borders of educational quail farm of NNAU, agricultural enterprise "Hlebodar" in Bashtanskyy district of Nikolayev area, "Rassvet" farm in Bratskyy district of Nikolayev area, Nikolayev practical center of horse breeding "Pivdenkoncenter", LLC "Zverohozyaystvo "Runas" in Nikolaev area.

MNAU. Department of Poultry, Product Quality and Safety.

International Activity
The Department focuses its activities on the comprehensive development of relations with leading international institutions and organizations. The agreements of cooperation were conducted with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Denmark. The educational and practical contacts with the State Scientific Research Institute of fur farming and rabbit (Russia) and the Research Institute for fur farming and Rabbits by V.A. Afanasyev (Russia) are on the stage of development.

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