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Sergiy G. Chornyy

Sergiy G. ChornyyName: Sergiy G. Chornyy

Degree: Doctor of Sci. in Agriculture

Title: Professor

Position: Head of Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Contact information: Faculty of Agronomy MDAU
9, Georgiy Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54029

Tel.: +38 (097) 4493587

Email: schorny@trion.mk.ua, sgchorny@ukr.net

Directions of scientific work

Soil protection.

List of main publication

1. The soil resistance to erosion of soil South of Ukraine and its change by irrigation // Soil science. - 1988. - №1. - Pp. 94-100 (with G.I. Shvebs, A.A. Svitlichnyy). (in Russian)

2. The evaluation of sheet erosion by sprinkler irrigation // Agriculture. - 1990. - №10. -Pp. 72-73. (in Russian)

3. Quantitative value of sheet storm soil erosion on irrigated lands South of Ukraine // Melioration and water management. - 1993. - №1. - Pp. 30-31. (in Russian)

4. Soil protection and soil restoration efficiency of irrigation // Bulletin of agrarian science. - 1993. - №11. - Pp. 15-19 (with F. M. Lisetsky) (in Russian)

5. The humus balance as a criterion for optimizing the ratio of crops area in farm// Agrochemistry and soil science. - 1993. -N.56.-Pp.89-91(in Ukrainian)

6. On the problem of the estimation of soil loss tolerance on the slopes of the Steppe of Ukraine // Agrochemistry and soil science. - 1994.- V.57. - Pp.89-91 (in Russian)

7. Physical properties of irrigated soils on slopes Inguletsky irrigation systems //Irrigated agriculture. - 1995. - N.38 - Pp.15-18 (with F.M. Lysetsky) (in Ukrainian)

8. Designing erosion safety landscapes in the steppe zone of Ukraine // Agriculture.-1995.- №6.- Pp.4-6. (in Russian)

9. The evaluation of rainstorm probabilities for construction of erosion prevention measures for Ukrainian soils// E.S.S.C. -1996. - № 2.-Pp.7-12 (with S. Yu. Bulygin and М.М. Kotova)

10. Hydrometeorological conditions storm erosion on irrigated lands of southern Ukraine - estimation and mapping // Bulletin of agrarian science. - 1996. - №11.-Pp 54-58.

11. Slope irrigated agrolandscapes: erosion, soil forms, rational use. Kherson: Borisfen, 1996. – 171 p. (in Ukrainian)

12. The method of evaluation of soil loss tolerance on steppe Ukraine irrigated lands // Agrochemistry and soil science. - 1998.-N.59.-Pp.56-59. (in Ukrainian)

13. The impact to irrigation on soil microstructure and soil resistance to erosion of slopes southern Ukraine soils // Bulletin of agrarian science. - 1999.- № 4. - Pp.57-61. (with V.V. Plaksa) (in Ukrainian)

14. The estimation soil loss tolerance for steppe Ukraine soils //Ukrainian geography journal. - 1999. - №4. - Pp. 34-36. (in Ukrainian)

15. Ecology of Kherson region. Training textbook. – Kherson: Terra. 2001. - 156 p. (with M.F. Boyko)

16. The impact of climate change on soil erosion to southern Ukraine// Genesis, geography and ecology soils. Lviv. 2003. - pp. 432-436. (in Ukrainian)

17. Analysis of factors and elementary processes desertification (for example of Kherson region) // Scientific proceedings of Kotsyubynsky’s Vinntsa state pedagogical university. Geography series. 2003.-N. 6.-Pp.51-55 (with G.I. Tischenko) (in Ukrainian)

18. The method of extent soil erodibility estimation and dimensions data of erosion steppe soils loss // Bulletin of agrarian science. – 2003. - № 9. - Pp. 53-56. (in Ukrainian)

19. Same rules of arable soils annual dynamics of soil resistance to erosion // Bulletin of agrarian scientific in Black Sea Region. – 2003. - №3 (23).-V.1. – Pp. 349-353. (in Ukrainian)

20. Transformation of climate and erosion danger on southern Ukraine // Bulletin of agrarian science. - 2004. - №4.- Pp.46-50. (in Ukrainian)

21. Soil erosion science: theoretical and applied aspects. – Sumy: University book, 2004. – 415 p. (with A.A. Svetlichny and G.I.Shvebs). (in Russian)

22. The value of anthropogenic energy as criterion of technology load intensively on steppe Ukraine landscapes // Bulletin of agrarian scientific in Black Sea Region. 2004.- №.4(28).- Pp.147-154. (in Ukrainian)

23. The impact of weather conditions on soil resistance to wind erosion of south chornozem // Chernovtci university scientific bulletin. - 2005. - N. 257. -Pp. 225-231 (with О.М. Khotinenko) (in Ukrainian)

24. Annual changes of soil resistance to erosion of south chornozem: causes and effect// Bulletin of KhNAU. - 2006.- №7.- Pp.72-75 (With N.V. Nikonchuk) (in Ukrainian)

25. About irrigation impact on anti-deflation characteristics steppe soils // Irrigated agriculture.-2006.-N. 46. - Pp.11-14. (with O.V. Pismenniy) (in Ukrainian)

26. The combination of elementary desertification processes on Kherson region agrolandscapes // Bulletin of agrarian scientific in Black Sea Region. – 2006. - N. 4(37). - V.2.-Pp.248-254 (in Ukrainian)

27. The basis of soil erosion science. Textbook. Sumy: University book.–2007. - 265 p. (with O.O. Svitlichny) (in Ukrainian)

28. The impact of calcium carbonate content on anti-deflation characteristics steppe soils // Bulletin of agrarian scientific in Black Sea Region. – 2007 – N.1 (39). - Pp. 203-207. (with O.V. Pismenniy) (in Ukrainian)

29. The monitoring humus content on Mykolaiv region soils: spatial-time aspects// Collection of scientific proceedings PSATU. - N.15. - Pp.34-37 (with V.М. Lyubertcev and T.M.Chorna) (in Ukrainian)

30. Dusty storm in 23-24 March 2007 yr. on South Ukraine: diffusion, metrological and soil causes, soil loss // Bulletin of agrarian science. - 2008. - №9.- С.46-51. (with O.M. Khotinenko, O.V. Pismenniy, Т.М. Chorna) (in Ukrainian)

31. The soil resistance to erosion of Ukraine steppe soils // Genesis, geography and ecology soils. Lviv. – 2008.-Pp.579 -584. (with N.V. Nikonchuk) (in Ukrainian)

32. Wind-stability of steppe Ukraine top-soil // Bulletin of KhNAU.- 2008.- №2.- Pp.147-150 (with О.V. Pismenniy) (in Ukrainian)

33. The conception of soil protection in Ukraine. Kharkiv: KP Drukarnya №13, 2008. – 59 р. (with V.P. Sytnik, М.D. Bezugliy and others) (in Ukrainian)

34. The wind-stability soil in steppe agrolandscapes of Ukraine depending by soil properties and winter weather// Bulletin of agrarian scientific in Black Sea Region. – 2008. - V. 4(47).- Pp. 150-160 (with О. V. Pismenniy and O.M. Khotinenko) (in Ukrainian)

35. The valuation of soil resistance to wind erosion by context modern climate change // Agrochemistry and soil science. - 2009. - V. 70. - Pp.58-64 (with O.M. Khotinenko) (in Ukrainian)

36. Anthropogenic change of wind-stability steppe soil // Bulletin ONU. Geography and geology science. - 2009. - V.14 -N.7. - Pp.375-380 (with О. V. Pismenniy) (in Ukrainian)

37. Of issue by determination to remote methods of soil humus content // Bulletin of agrarian scientific in Black Sea Region. - 2009. - №2 (49). - Pp.163-167 (with І.М. Gaschporenko) (in Ukrainian)

38. Erosion-dangerous lands and peculiarity of erosion processes demonstration on irrigated lands / Scientific basis for the protection and management of irrigated lands. K.: Agricultural Science, 2009. - Pp. 188-193. (in Ukrainian)

39. The problem of soil erosion in G. I. Shvebs scientific heritage and main direction his development // Bulletin Karazin’s Karkiv nation university.-2009. - №849. - Pp. 9-15 (with A.A. Svetlichny and F.N. Lisetsky). (in Russian)

40. Methodical recommendations by dust storm prediction in Ukraine. Kharkiv, 2010 – 31 p. (with D.O.Timchenko, O.M. Khotinenko and others) (in Ukrainian)

41. Zonal methodical recommendations by protection of soil from erosion. Kharkiv, 2010 – 148 p. (with V.P. Sitnik, M.D. Bezugly and others) (in Ukrainian).

Personal perspective directions of scientific research

modeling and prediction water and wind erosion, including study of soil resistance to water and wind erosion, soil loss tolerance, soil erosion on irrigated lands, properties of eroded soils, the use of remote diagnostics of eroded soils, the impact of climate change on water and wind erosion processes.

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