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Stach P. Kot

Stach P. KotName: Stach P. Kot

Degree:Doctor of Sci. in Biology

Position: The head of the department of the zoological hygiene and veterinary science

9, Georgiy Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54029

tel: +38 0 (512) 34-30-57

Email: staxkot@gmail.com

Scientific work

Immunological reactivity of cow and calf organism in connection with their reproductive function

Biotechnology of reproduction of the farm animals, immunology of reproduction


Jablonsky V.A., Kot S.P. Certain aspects of cellular and humoral immunity during the pregnancy of cows // J. Reproductive Immunology. — Amsterdam, 1983. — Suppl. 75.

Kot S.P., Jablonsky V.A. The productive capacity of bulls at different levels of heterozygosity // J. Reproductive Immunology. — Amsterdam, 1986. — Suppl. 101. — P. 102.

Immune response of cows organism on the biotechnological regulation of sexual function / Jablonsky V.A., Prigara V.V., Kot S.P., Savitsky V.L. // J. Reproductive Immunology. — Amsterdam, 1986. — P. 174.

Articles in scientific professional publications

Phagocytic activity of heifer blood neutrophils and monocytes in the sexual maturation period / Kot S.P., Davidenko V.M., Mel’nik V.O., Ghil’ M.I. // Scientific volume "Veterinary medicine", vol. № 80. — Kharkiv, 2002. — P. 307—310.

Kot S.P., Davidenko V.M., Melnik V.O. The dynamics of spermaantihody’s titres in the blood serum of heifers and cows due to their sexual function // Bulletin of Lviv national academy of the veterinary medicine named after Gzhitsky S.Z., vol. 5 (№3), part 2. — Lviv: LNAVM, 2003. — P. 44—48.

Kot S.P., Davidenko V.M., Melnik V.O. Effect of synthetic analogues of prostaglandin F and its combinations with biological active preparations on reproductive function of cows // Visnyk agrarnoy nauki Prichernomorya. — Mykolayiv, 2006. Vol. 1 (33). — P. 215—220.

Kot S.P., Davidenko V.M., Melnik V.O. Immunobiological reactivity of the organism of cows in the gestation period // Tavriyskiy naukovy visnyk, vol. 64, part 2. — Kherson, Ailant, 2009. — P. 118—123.

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