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Olena P. Mitryasova

Olena P. MitryasovaName: Olena P. Mitryasova

Degree: Doctor of Sci. in Pedagogics

Position: Professor of Soil Science and Agrochemistry Department

9, Georgiy Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54029

tel: +38 0 (512) 34-61-60

Email: mitryasova@mnau.edu.ua

Scientific work

Theory and practice of integrated studies of chemical disciplines of students of agrarian university.

The maintenance and technologies of training to natural disciplines in the higher school.

The teaching of students in the environmental education.

The synergetic approach to formation of the maintenance of natural formation of students.


Textbooks and integrated courses:
Chemical Basis of Ecology.
Introduction to Organic Chemistry.
Terminological Problems of Chemical Ecology.
Chemistry. General chemistry. Environmental Chemistry.

Chemistry as a Basic Component of Natural Environmental Education Students:
An Experimental Study Program.

Articles in scientific professional publications

Components and Ways of Formation of Ecological Culture.

Biology and Chemistry at School.

The Issue of Forming Ecological Culture of Students of Agrarian High Schools.

The Role of Environmental Education in Public Organizations: Abstracts of Reports of the V International Conference on Environmental Education.

Trends in Environmental Education in High School.

Study Patterns of Chemical Processes in Natural Phenomena.

Competitive Chemical Environmental Problems / Gifted Child.

Ideological Aspects of Environmental Education / Training: New Technologies.

Michael G. Lyvanov - One of the Prominent Founders of the National Agricultural Sciences.

Natural-Scientific Basis and the Chemical Content of Vocational Education.

Environmental Problems in the Chemical Content of Education (Based On Organic Chemistry).

Methodological Aspects of an Integrated Approach in Chemistry.

Migration Ability of Plumbum Compounds in Mykolayiv Area.

Features of the New Program in Chemistry for Students of Agrarian Universities.

Interdisciplinary Connections in Organic Chemistry.

Trends in Scientific Knowledge as the Integrating Factor of Education.

Chemical Picture of the World Based On an Integrated Approach to Teaching.

Chemical Content of Education for Students of Agricultural Universities.

Method of Implementing an Integrated Approach in the Classroom of Organic Chemistry.

Study on Chemical Disciplines as One of the Factors of Integrating Learning Content.

Problem Situations in Teaching Chemistry through an Integrated Approach.

Indicators of Quality Students in Learning Chemistry in the Context of an Integrated Approach.

Organic Chemistry Course in Higher Agricultural Education: Methodological Approaches.

The Training-Methodical Complex for Effective Environmental Education for Students of Agricultural Specialties / Strategy of Environmental Education and Education in the XXI Century.

Problems of Harmony, Symmetry and the Golden Section in Nature, Science and Art.

The Conceptual Basis of the Content of Chemical Education Students // Bologna Process: The Modernization of Natural Education.

The Content of Oil Products and Phenols in Mykolayiv Surface Waters.

Ideas of Sustainable Development in the Content of Education // "Stable Peace: The Path to the Environmentally Safe Civil Society".

Innovative Technologies for Agricultural Education: Problems and Prospects.

Integration Trends in Science and Education: New Paradigm.

Outstanding Scientists in Chemistry [Electronic Resource].

Conceptual Framework for the Integrated Study of Natural Sciences.

Using Historical Principle in Shaping the Content of Teaching Chemistry.

Innovative Teaching Resources in the Practice of Teaching Chemistry for Students of the Agricultural Universities.

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