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Vyacheslav S. Shebanin

Vyacheslav S. ShebaninName: Vyacheslav S. Shebanin

Degree: Doctor of Sci. in Engineering

Position: President

9, Georgiy Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54029

tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
fax: +38 0 (512) 34-31-46

Email: rector@mnau.edu.ua

Scientific work

Bending strength of structures with consideration of the physical and geometric nonlinearity within the limited plastic deformation.

Development of innovative process of the agricultural material resources potential.

Providing a competitive agricultural production.

Development of logistics capacity through investment and innovation.

Problems in formation and operation of the hardware and technical services market.

Development of the lightweight collapsible multifunctional buildings of steel elements with unlimited options for space-planning decisions.

Development of new non-metallic and composite materials for construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures for different purposes (elevators, bridges, dams, etc.)


Formation of high production and market products in agriculture in Southern Ukraine: monograph.

Agricultural Equipment for Agricultural Sector and its Efficient Use in the Conditions of Market Relations: monograph.

System renewal and development of material resources of agriculture.

Analysis of population structure.

Interchangeability, standardization and technical measurement.

Articles in scientific professional publications

Calculation of bisteel elements in beam structures with consideration of the limited plastic deformations and deformed scheme.

Experimental study of compressed (stretched) and bending steel bars of a symmetric I-section in regions of limited plastic deformation.

Bending of asymmetric steel I-beams, reinforced under load, with limited plastic deformation.

Peculiarities of the physical and geometric nonlinearity in the steel bars under the constraint of plastic deformation.

Strength of steel rods with variable loading.

Optimization of composite cross sections of steel rods with longitudinal bending strength of limited plastic deformation.

Metal structures. Special course: teach. book.

Direct and inverse problems in calculating the cross sections of steel frames with tight plastic deformation.

Status and trends of development and updating of material-technical base of agriculture in Ukraine.

Main directions of the updating of the material resource potential system in the agricultural sector.

State technical policy in the context of renewal and development of agricultural material resources in Ukraine.

Prospect of gaseous fuel application in plant-growing in Ukraine.

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