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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


University Address:

9, Georgiya Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54020
tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
fax: +38 0 (512) 34-31-46



Scientific research institute of modern technologies in Agricultural Industrial complex

Last update: 09.04.2012 at 10:14

The head of the Department of Education and Researches – Karpenko Mykola Dmytrovych.
phone +38 0 (512) 58-03-25

MNAU. Scientific research institute of modern technologies in Agricultural Industrial complex.To increase the fundamental level and supply researches of optimization agricultural farming systems, livestock sector, scientific grounded technologies of agricultural industry, realization of soils' monitoring and intensification of integration processes of High Agricultural Education with setting in motion the students to scientific and constructor works.

The activity of the Institute is directed to assist in increasing of efficiency of agriculture farming industry and Agricultural Complex in the South of Ukraine. Another idea of the Institute is to provide high economic growth of the branch and efficient formation of products safety and export potential and implementation of modern technologies into Agricultural and Industrial Complex.

MNAU. Scientific research institute of modern technologies in Agricultural Industrial complex.

Services and works:
- implementation of technologies of regulators and herbicides using in dealing with weeds;
- working out of fertilizing of agricultural crops system in sowing seasons and for separate crops (with irrigation or without;
- developing of irrigation rate fro main agricultural crops in the region;
- developing of measures as for the getting the seeds of high quality;
- developing of ecological biotechnologies of clonally micro- reproduction of decorative plants;
- consulting in diagnostics and treatment of infection diseased animals;
- Arrangement of artificial fertilization of farm animals;
- using of biologically active materials in farm animals feeding;

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