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Department of Management of Organizations and Law

Last update: 31.12.2013 at 09:22

Klochan ViacheslavThe Head of the Department – Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Klochan Viacheslav

LogoHistory of the Department
Department of Management of Organizations and Law as an independent structure started to exist in 1996. During 15 years of its existing all the lecturers and professors worked in methodological and scientific directions and took part in regional and national developing economical programs.

Today the Department prepares the graduators with "Management of organizations and administration" specialization on full-time and distance form of tutoring.

During last years the conditions for studying were significantly improved. Necessary multimedia equipment, computers and other tutoring material help student to get the education of high quality. Besides there is a trening center for business games and professional tutoring.

The professional level of graduators shows their competitiveness in the labor market of Ukraine. They take leading positions in the local governmental structures, large enterprises and structures of self government.

MNAU. Department of Management of Organizations and Law.

Teaching staff
Klochan Viacheslav – Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, the Head of the Department
Karashchuk Larisa – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Kolesnik Victoria – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Grechkosey Vladimir – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Kravchuk Liliya – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Oleynik Tetyana – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer
Kuz'menko Tatjana – Candidate of Economic Sciences, acting Associate Professor
Shemchuk Ruslan – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Vladechak Alena – Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant
Kovalenko Anna – Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant
Gusenko Angela – Senior Lecturer
Progonyuk Ludmila – Senior Lecturer
Maksymenko Anna – Assistant
Pavljuk Andrei – assistant
Kazakova Natalia – Laboratory assistant
Prozoraya Ekaterina – Laboratory assistant

MNAU. Department of Management of Organizations and Law.

List of Academic Disciplines
1. Standard subjects:
Logistic Legislation
Logistic law
Contractual Law
Legislation and law
Innovative management
Intellectual property
Information Consulting providing of AIC
Colliding (conflict management)
Management of organization
HR management
Management and marketing in livestock sector
Foreign private law
Foreign marketing
Foreign management
Labor management
Base of management
Base of government consulting
Business Law
Tax Law
Science of Law
Labor law
HR Management
2. Subjects by choice:
Agrarian and ecological Law
Logistic process
Land law
State history and Law
Management and marketing in seed growing
Management and marketing in dogs breeding
International and tax Law
Base of Constitutional Law
Management culture
Finance Law
Civic and logistic process

MNAU. Department of Management of Organizations and Law.

Scientific activity
1. Resumption and valuation of recourses' potential in agriculture.
2. Improvement of economical relations between agrarian and processing production enterprises.
3. Management of marketing and strategy developing of.
4. Formation and functions of agrarian market and its infrastructure.
5. Formation of HR potential in agrarian sector.
6. Culture management of agrarian enterprises.
7. Social-Economical problems of agricultural industrial employment at the South of Ukraine.
8. Labor potential of agricultural enterprises: forming, valuation, problems and ways of decisions.
9. Government policy of judicial authority development in Ukraine.
10. Cancellation of Labor Contract and its peculiarities according to the Labor Code of Ukraine (p.3, art.40).
11. "Branding" as a complicated law way of civic turnover, goods and services participants and their individual presentation.
12. The value of Jewish population in social and economical development at the South of Ukraine in XIX-XX cent. (According to the material of Kherson region).

Educational and methodological activity
The Department is responsible for the professional and skills level of its graduators. That is the reason why the pedagogical staff of the Department improves the way of tutoring using different educational forms all the time.

MNAU. Department of Management of Organizations and Law.

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