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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


University Address:

9, Georgiya Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54020
tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
fax: +38 0 (512) 34-31-46

FacultiesAccounting and Finance


Department of Economic Theory and Social Sciences

MNAU. Hanstantinov VitalyThe Head of the Department – The Head of the Department Doctor of Politics, Professor Vitalii Khanstantynov

telephone +38 0 (512) 58-05-94

Logo.History of the Department
The Department was created after foundation of Mykolayiv State Agrarian Institute. The Department was reorganized by unification of Economic Theory Department and Social and Political Sciences Department.

The teaching staff
Vitalii Khanstantynov Doctor of Politics, Professor, the Head of the Department
Alexandr Bilichenko Ph D in Economics, Associate Professor
Olena Dovgal Ph D in Economics, Associate Professor
Zolotykh Irina Ph D in Economics, Associate Professor
Iryna Lesik Ph D in Economics, Associate Professor
Tatyana Pylypenko Ph D in Economics, Senior Lecturer
Alexandr Sharyn Senior Lecturer
Mykhaylo Dimitrov Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Tatiana Zharova Head of the laboratory

List of Academic Disciplines
History of Economics and Economical Thought
History of Political and legal studies
Macro Economy
Micro Economy
The base of Economics Theory
Political Economy
Political Science
Political Institutes and Process
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Biology
Sustainable Development of Society
Global Economy

Scientific activity
The teachers of the department during 2011-2017 prepared 12 scientific monographs, including
1. Khantsantynov V.O. Political Dimension of Tolerance: Ideas and Problems:[monograph] / V.O. Khantsantynov. - Mykolaiv: Petro Mohyla University Press, 2011. - 336 p.
2. Dovgal O.V. Mechanisms of social effect realization from business development in agricultural and food sector The providing of sustainable development of agricultural sector its innovative base: collective monograph / under the general editorship of G. Pavlova and L. Vasilieva. Science and Education Ltd (Registered in ENGLAND & WALES, Registered Number: 08878342) OFFICE 1. VELOCITY TOWER, 10 ST. MARYS GATE, SHEFFIELD. S.YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND, SI 4LR, 2015. pp.67-77.
3. Khanstantynov V.O. Tolerance as a Principle of Political Action // Humanitarian Discourse: Politics, Governance, Power: [Collective Monograph] / For Colleges. Ed. O.A. Ivakina, IV Shamshi, D.V. Yakovleva / V.O. Khansantynov. - Odessa: Helvetica, 2015. - pp. 269-285.
4. Dovgal O.V. Social and economic aspects of sustainable development of regions. Monograph. Opole: The Academy of Management and Administration in Opole / Edited by Alona Ohiienko,Tadeusz Pokusa / O.V. Dovgal. - Publishing House WSZiA, 2017. pp. 135-143.

During last years the lecturers of the Department published more than 200 scientific articles and monographers in leading editions of Poland, Bulgaria, Georgia and Russia. They also take part in different scientific international and Ukrainian conferences.

Students are also involved into the scientific work of the Department. Their researches they can publish in scientific student bulletin and make the reports about them on scientific conferences.

Educational and methodological activity
The teaching staff prepared more than 100 methodological recommendations and abstracts of lectures in Philosophy, Philosophical problems of biology, Sociology, Political Science, Economical Theory, Macro-Economy, Micro-Economy. Besides there were published several professional dictionaries of main notions and terms in Logic, Economical Theory, Philosophy etc.. For making student's study more comfortable the practical directions for the tests were published by lecturers of the Department. Methodological advices and reports are renewed every year which optimize the use of new pedagogical technologies.

International activity
Teaching staff of the Department regularly take part in the international scientific conferences, publish their scientific articles and theses in foreign editions.

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