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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


University Address:

9, Georgiya Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54020
tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
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UNIVERSITY STRUCTURE FacultiesAccounting and Finance


Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance

MNAU. Sirenko NataliaThe Head of the Department – Doctor of Economics, Professor Sirenko Natalia


Personal Site of the Department

MNAU. Logo of the Department.History of the Department
The Department of Finance takes its beginning in 2003 after the division of Finance and Economic analyses Department. Sirenko N.M. became a head of the chair in 2010.

The teaching staff
Sirenko Natalia – Doctor of Economics, Professor, the Head of the Department
Babenko Nikolay – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Burkovskaya Alla – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Lunkina Tatiana – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Baryshevskaya Inna – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Melnik Olga – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Poltorak Anastasiya – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Shyshpanova Natalia – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assistant
Victoria Baranova – Doctor of Economics, Professor
Bodnar Olena – assistant
Pokrovska Olga – assistant
Shyhalo Veronika – senior laboratory assistant
Pshenichna Svetlana – laboratory assistant
Reznichenko Kateryna – laboratory assistant

MNAU. Department of Finance and Credit.

List of academic disciplines
Audit of banking activities
Bank operations
Accounting in business management
The budget system
Banking system
Budgetary management
Budgeting business entities
The budget and tax systems - Manufacturing Practice
Money and credit
Investment loans
The innovative development of enterprise
Lending to businesses
Treasury business
International credit-settlement and currency transactions
International financial institutions
Teaching practice, "Finance and Credit"
Accounting and auditing in the agribusiness industry
Accounting for Banks
Accounting organization
Organization of service activities
Organization of research
Basic research
Basics of Taxation
Tax - Manufacturing Practice specialization
Tax system
Tax systems of foreign countries
Tax policy
Tax system
Tax control
Social responsibility
Insurance services
Management Accounting
Finance companies
Finance companies - manufacturing practice
Financial Security
Financial view of Ukraine
Financial Infrastructure
Financial services
Financial market

ННАУ. Кафедра фінансів.
MNAU. Department of Finance and Credit.

Scientific and methodological researches
Lecturers and academic staff of the Department such as Sirenko N.M., Babenko M.D., Burkovska A.V. worked out the conception of managing by innovative development of agrarian economic sector. Besides, they worked out the conceptual regulations of innovative agricultural development in University education and science strategy, which were taken fro the implementation by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Ministry of Economics of Ukraine.

The Head of the chair, Sirenko N.M., in 2010 defended the Doctoral Thesis on the topic "Management of innovative development in agrarian sector of Ukrainian Economy" according to the results of the previous researches.

One of the main priorities of the Department is connection of training process with scientific activity.

MNAU. Department of Finance and Credit.

The main lines of the scientific researches of the Department's lecturer staff
The problems of innovative development of agrarian sector and some economic players. Forming of dataware system for enterprises managing.
• Functions and development of regional agrarian products market
• Development and increasing of efficiency in agrarian sector of base of incomes managing mechanism improvement
• Governmental support of agricultural commodity producer
• Activation and increasing of development efficiency in agro-industrial integration and cooperation in Agro-Industrial Complex of the region
• Improvement of economic resistance of agricultural enterprises on the intensification of industry
• Managing and logistical developing mechanism of innovative enterprise in regional agrarian sector
• Competitiveness of agrarian sector of Economy; external economical aspect
• Increasing of use of agricultural land sites efficiency
• Development of organic industry in agrarian sector of Economy

MNAU. Department of Finance and Credit.

The educational process in the Department is built in such a way that students can work as financiers, accountants, economists, managers in financial enterprises and state structures.

According to this the leading state tax workers, bankers and workers of insurance companies are invited to teach the students of the Department. On students' request they can try themselves in practice at the State Tax Administration or other financial establishments.

The Department of Finance annually prepares the graduators with the scientific degrees. Many students make their practical work in such enterprises as "Radsad", "Green gai", "Nibulon", "Laktalis-Ukraine", "Sandora" and many other regional enterprises.

The Department cooperates with European University of Finance, Data Ware, management and business, Kyiv National Economic University, Technological University of Podillya and other agrarian Universities. There is strong partnership with state structures, Tax Administration, civil organizations, Funds of City Development and other business-structures.

The Mykolayiv Municipal Kolegium started to cooperate with the Department in the field of classes with gifted youth.

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