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Department of Business Economy

Last update: 27.09.2016 at 09:40

MNAU. Kotikova OlenaThe Head of the Department – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Kotikova Olena


LogoHistory of the Department
The department of business economics was established April 8, 1991. The first Chair of the department was famous scientist, Doctor of Economics, Professor Mykhaylo Karaman. He managed a multi-faceted work of educational, scientific and methodical direction.
Since 1999 the department was headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Ivan Topikha - a scientist who gave many years to the development of agriculture and its economy. Also one of the famous departments workers is Doctor of Economics, Professor Mykola Kulish - known scholar and teacher, the first rector of the Odessa Agricultural Institute branch, later - independent university, which has become the leading scientific and educational center of the Southern Ukraine. Since 2011 the duties of head of department performs Doctor of Economics, Professor Olena Kotykova.

Teaching staff:
Olena Kotykova – Head of the Department, Doctor of Economics, professor
Iryna Krylova – PhD, associate professor
Iryna Melnyk – PhD, professor
Oksana Gorobchenko – PhD, assistant
Iryna Bezp'yata – PhD, associate professor
Olga Khrystenko – PhD, associate professor
Tetyana Oliynyk – PhD, senior lecturer
Ganna Kovalenko – PhD, Assistant
Vitalii Karbashevsky – Assistant
Tetyana Lukina – Senior laboratory assistant
Iryna Potochylova – Assistant

MNAU. Department of Business Economy.

The list of subjects:
State regulation of the economy and economical policy(Olena Kotykova)

State and regional administration (Olena Kotykova, Vitalii Karbashevsky)
State regulation of the economy(Olena Kotykova)
Agricultural policy (Iryna Bezp'yata, Vitalii Karbashevsky) (Iryna Bezp'yata, Vitalii Karbashevsky)
Agricultural policy and the bioeconomy (Tetyana Oliynyk)
Research Methodology and Organization (Iryna Melnyk, Olena Kotykova)
Research methodology (Iryna Melnyk)
Business Economics (Iryna Melnyk, Oleksiy Albeschenko, Tetyana Oliynyk)
Economics of Agricultural Enterprises (Iryna Melnyk)
Management of Environmental Activity (Iryna Melnyk, Vitalii Karbashevsky)
Investment Management (Iryna Krylova)
International investment activity (Iryna Krylova)
Labor Economics and Sociolabor Relations (Iryna Krylova)
Agricultural statistics
Statistics (Olga Khrystenko, Iryna Bezp'yata)
The Statistics Market
The Economy of Agricultural Production (Tetyana Oliynyk)
Productive Forces Placement (Tetyana Oliynyk, Oleksiy Albeschenko)
Financial and economic activities (Tetyana Oliynyk)
Regional Economics (Tetyana Oliynyk, Oleksiy Albeschenko)
Economy of Enterprise Management(Tetyana Oliynyk, Oleksiy Albeschenko)
Economics and Organization of the Energy Service (Tetyana Oliynyk)
Economics and Organization of the Agricultural Service (Ganna Kovalenko)
Economics and Accounting of the Animal Husbandry (Ganna Kovalenko, Oleksiy Albeschenko)
The Economy of Production and Marketing of Dairy Products (Ganna Kovalenko)
The Economy of Production and Marketing of Meat Products (Ganna Kovalenko)
The National Economy (Ganna Kovalenko) (Ganna Kovalenko)
Business Sectors of Agriculture (Ganna Kovalenko, Oleksiy Albeschenko)
Social and environmental activities safety (Ganna Kovalenko)
The Economy and Organization of Biotechnological Industry
Investment (Iryna Krylova)

Research activities
The teaching staff is involved in research activities on issues of organizational and economic principles of sustainable development of agriculture.
Dr. Olena Kotykova is a member of the Specialized Scientific Council in Mykolayiv National Agrarian University with the right to consider and conduct defense of thesis for the degree of Doctor (candidate) of Economic Sciences on specialties "Management of National Economy", "Economics and Management of the Agricultural Enterprises" and "The Development of Productive Forces and Regional Economy".
In 2011 Dr. Olena Kotykova won in the category "Economics" within the Mykolayiv Region Young Scientists Contest with work "Sustainability as a conceptual basis of agricultural land in Ukraine". Each year, "Environmental Protection Management" teachers and students are involved in Mykolayiv Environmental Readings, seminars on the problems of rural development etc.
Over the past year under the supervision of the department more than 50 students defended their thesis; were held 7 contests; prepared more than 90 scientific and conference papers; submitted 12 scientific papers. Under the departments guidance acts circles and workshops "State and economy - aspects of cooperation" (Dr. Olena Kotykova), "Effective investment" (Iryna Krylova), and Economic Discussion Club (Iryna Melnyk).

Fields of research
1. Formation and development of ecologically safe land use
2. Formation of agricultural markets on the basis of sustainable development of enterprises of the agricultural sector
3. Food security Ukraine in terms of European integration. Department Professors supervise Master's and Doctoral theses as well as response to candidate and doctoral dissertations, monographs and scientific-methodical editions instantly.

MNAU. Department of Business Economy.

Scientific Activity
Professor and lecturer staff of the Department deals with scientific activity in the sphere of economy and management measures and supply of strong development of Agricultural Complex. They take part in Economic competitions and win the prizes with their researches and scientific works.

Lines of scientific activity:
1. Economical efficiency and development of sheep breeding in Ukraine.
2. Economical efficiency of scientific and technical progress in tobacco industry.
3. Economic and Statistics Analyses of Fixed Assets Usage.
4. Optimization of Building General Plans in limited conditions.
5. Regional Seed Market, its formation and developing.
6. Economic measures of industrial employment in region.
7. Formation of regional market of milk and dairy products.
8. Development of agriculture service corporative in region.
9. Increasing of efficient usage of floating assets in private and rented agricultural enterprises.
10. Providing of efficient development of bee keeping in agricultural enterprises.
11. Economical mechanism of rational usage and resources safety in agrarian enterrises.
12. Industry expansion and effective usage of corn's power potential at the South of Ukraine.

MNAU. Department of Business Economy.

Teaching and Methodological Work
The department has equipped economics and statistics classroom, with collected information on economics of agricultural enterprises Mykolayiv region in 10 years, and methodical literature for students self-study courses, tests, masters term paper etc.
Since September 1, 2013 acts teaching and research laboratory of the department of business economics that contributes to the students of specialty "Management of environmental protection" and provides students modern equipment workstations, methodical and reference books. Students have practical and laboratory classes at a high scientific, methodological and technical level, conduct online conferences and others.
The department has a branch at the Main Statistical Office in the Mykolayiv region, LLC "Company Limit Plus", Domanivka and Vradiyivka Regions State land use Agencies, Nova Odesa State Regional Breeding station, "Rodina-Agro Ltd" and the City Center of Ecological Information and Culture of the library 2, which allows high-quality training of students during their production and pre-diploma practice.
The transition to the European credit transfer system requires strengthening students' individual work, and that is why the department gives so much attention to this question. Professors have prepared basic lectures in printed and electronic form, also it can be reached in MOODLE, which enables students to master needed course, and promotes introduction of innovative methods in the learning process. The teaching staff is constantly engaged in methodical work. Students are fully equipped with methodological developments to undergo production and pre-diploma practice and practical classes, individual work of students from all disciplines, as well as performing a course project on discipline "Business economics"
In 2013, Dr. Kotykova won the regional competition "The Best Staff Member" in the nomination "Higher Education". The department provides training in eight specialties and is profiling for "Management" and "Management of environmental protection".

International Activity
Annually the lecturers and professors of the Department take part in International conferences in Poland, Bulgaria, Czech etc. They are equipped into the working out of new projects as for the cooperation with foreign establishments according to the TEMPUS program.

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