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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


University Address:

9, Georgiya Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54020
tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
fax: +38 0 (512) 34-31-46

FacultiesAccounting and Finance


Information Technologies Department

MNAU. The Head of the Department – Candidate of Technical Sciences Associate Professor Yury Volosyuk

telephone +38 0 (512) 50-03-27

LogoHistory of the Department
The Information Technologies Department is the electronic heart of the University. It had taken its beginning since 1989 when the laboratory of computer engineering was created. The story of the Department had started in 3d of May, 1993.

Lecturer and academic staff
Volosyuk Yury - Acting Head of Department, Ph.D., associate professor
Moroz Tatyana - PhD, Lecturer
Boryan Lyudmila - Senior Lecturer
Volchkova Galina - Lecturer, Head of Laboratory of Computer Engineering
Basimov Ruslan - Chief Engineer programmer
Vladimir Lapin - Engineer programmer
Nikolai Alekseev - Engineer programmer
Verba Nadezhda - Laboratory

The list of disciplines:
Х Faculty of Management:
Information Systems and Technology
Information and computer technology
Computer networks and telecommunications
Information Retrieval System Online
Macro in EXCEL that ACSESS
Information Systems in Management
Information systems and technologies in economy
Database management systems
Engineering and Computer Graphics
Decision Support System
Systems of economic information
Electronic commerce
Information Systems in Management
Informatics and CT

Х Accounting and Finance Department:
computer science
Information culture of students
Economical informatics
Information systems in the accounting, audit analysis that
Information systems and technology from the banking sector
Information systems and technologies in the taxation

Х Faculty of Agricultural Technologies:
Computer Science and Engineering
Information Technology in Agronomy
Geographic Information Systems

Х Engineering and Energy Department:
Information and computer technology
Computers and computer technology
Applied computer technology and geographic information systems
Information technology

Х Faculty of Technology of production and processing of livestock products, standardization and biotechnology:
Computers and Programming
Information technology

MNAU. Information Technologies Department.

Scientific activity
The main lines of scientifivc and research work of the Department's lecturers staff are Economic-Mathematical and modern information technologies of agricultural industry; pedagogical problems of studying process improvement; improvement of special training in Agricultural Universities with the help of information telecommunications etc.

According to those lines there were more than 100 articles were published in Ukrainian and foreign editions by the lecturers of the Department.

The staff of the Department is closely cooperated with the National Aero-cosmic University by Zhukov M.S., National University of natural resources and nature usage of Ukraine (Kyiv), Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Kharkiv State Agrarian University, Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University by M.Kotzyubynskyy, National Buildingship University by Makarov Admiral.(Mykolayiv) and Black Sea State University by P.Mohyla.

Scientific and methodological activity
There are 5 computer classes with the modern computer technique. All the classes are unified by the local net with the Internet usage.

During studying process students can learn the basic computer programs and programming packets such as Microsoft Office, Project Expert, "1—" (version fro the agricultural sector), "Access"; Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Word, Excel, Visual Basic, C++, Java Script.

On the upper graduate levels students learn modern information systems and technologies such as "Client-server", "Client-bank" other local and global computer nets and support.

The Department's staff made their own system of testing of the students' knowledge control. It is used since 2000.

MNAU. Information Technologies Department.

International activity
Information Technologies Department is closely communicated with Korea Agency of International Cooperation. It invites foreign students to work on probation.


The importance f Internet is growing year by year. That is why the leaders of the University took a decision to buy stationary server for creating Corporate University Net Now each co-worker of the University has his own account in the local net with help of which he can use the University file-server, print-server and World-Net resources. It makes the process of information exchange comfortable and fast. The Corporate net unifies more than 800 computers in 5 Studying buildings.

The development of internet-resources of the University

To create the positive public image of the University, to open the student's world to those who want to enter the MNAU and to involve possible investors the official website of the Mykolayiv National Agrarian University was created. The website is regularly renovated and improved to make it interesting and useful for Internet users.

Now every user visiting the official web-site can see the site's map, the virtual excursion around the University, search system, rss-news page, and vide-version of "Agrarian Science Bulletin", "Agrosvit", and Students' science bulletin.

Beside the resources for alive communication such as chat and official forum can make the cooperation between students and lecturers more informative and comfortable.

The information about official web-site is added to one of the most competent web-sites catalogue – DMOZ and some other internet-ditions.

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