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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


University Address:

9, Georgiya Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54020
tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
fax: +38 0 (512) 34-31-46

FacultiesPower and Engineering Faculty


Department of tractors and agricultural machinery, operating and maintenance

MNAU. Valerii Havrysh – Doctor of Economics, Professor, the Head of the Department

phone +38 050 184 26 88


LogoHistory of the Department
The Department was created in 1991 on the base of the Mechanization of agricultural industry Department.

The teaching staff
Valerii Havrysh – Doctor of Economics, Professor
Galeeva Antonina Petrovna – Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor
Vasil Gruban – Candidat of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Dmytro Marchenko – Candidate of Technic Sciences, Associate Professor
Artuh Vitaliy Aleksandrovich – Assistant
Aleksandra Zubehina – Assistant
Olexander Lymar – Assistant

Support staff of the department
Lyudmila Muskadeeva – the Head of the Laboratory
Vasyl Kubinets – master of production training
Maxim Tovpiga – laboratory assistant

The Department graduates such specialties as driver of УBФ category, tractor driver and operator.

The workers of the Department cooperate with leading scientific organizations and machine building enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.

The list of Academic disciplines
Machinery and equipment for Agricultural industry
Energetic devices in AIC
Details of machines and foundations of construction
Machinery usage in plant growing
Agricultural meliorations
Foundations of technical creativity
Foundations of scientific researches
Projecting of technological process in plant growing
Introduction to specialty
System of exact farming
Theory and methods of special disciplines teaching
Theory of taking decisions in conditions of ecological and economical borders
Foundations of energetic audit and management
Economical calculations in engineering
Mechanization, automation and electrification in Agricultural industry
Mechanization of technological processes
Innovative technologies and modern devices in agricultural industry
Mathematic supply of "Master": programs
Energetic safety and ecological technologies in AIC
Mechanization in feed production

Scientific Activity
The main lines of scientific activity:
• system of new working details and engine gears of agricultural machines;
• modeling of main working details of harvesters;
• rational usage of energetic recourses in enterprises of AIC;
• Improving of main working details of corn harvesters;
• Energetic safety and energy replenishment sources.

According to the researches the scientific articles are published in different special scientific editions.

Tutors and lecturers of the Department take part in Ukrainian and foreign conferences and seminars.

Students also take part in student scientific conferences and publish their scientific works in special magazines and editions.

MNAU. Department of Tractors and Agricultural Machinery.

In 2010 the problematic laboratory was created on the base of the Department. It was created for investigating of physics and mechanical features of corn and making theoretical and practical researches.

Educational activity
The tutors and lectures of the Department prepared more than 100 educational aids, monographs and recommendations in topical questions and problems.

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