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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


University Address:

9, Georgiya Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54020
tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
fax: +38 0 (512) 34-31-46

FacultiesAgricultural Technologies


Department of Agriculture

Last update: 16.01.2014 at 10:16

MNAU. Gamayunova ValentynaGamayunova Valentyna – Professor and Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, the Head of the Department

phone +38 0 (512) 34-61-60

LogoThe teaching staff of the Department
Gamayunova Valentyna – the Head of the Department, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor
Manushkina Tetyana – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Kachanova Tetyana – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Baran Vasyl – Senior Lecturer
Zadorozhniy Yuri – Assistant
Stepanova-Drobitko Julia – Assistant
Smirnova Iryna – Assistant
Iskakova Oksana – Assistant

MNAU. Department of Agriculture.

The List of Academic Disciplines
Adaptive systems
Biotechnology in plant growing
Geodesy and land management
Ecological problems of farming
Ecology and radiobiology
Multiplexed Farming
Methods and arrangement of agricultural researches
Methods and arrangement of fodder production
Foundations of agricultural processing and producing
Ecology Foundations
Foundations of scientific researches in agronomy
Prognostication and programming of crops' harvest
Agricultural melioration
Modern problems of agricultural ecology
Technologies of plant growing production
Scientific activity

The main line of scientific researches is the sphere of fields' rotation system, the ways of soil's treatment, improving of agricultural technologies of definite plants' growing on the fields of University.

The Department is cooperated with Crimea, Odessa and Kherson State Agrarian Universities. It provides the students' activity in the field of scientific researches in Agronomy. The graduators of the Department work out and publish their scientific articles and take part in different special conferences and seminars.

MNAU. Department of Agriculture.

Educational activity
1. Preparation and improvement of complex academic disciplines renovation.
2. Publishing of methodological materials fro laboratorial and practical work.
3. Work out and implementation of new forms and methods of education
- multiply lecturers and practical classes;
- Interactive classes;
- Business games;
- distance learning.
4. Work out of testing tasks for final control and midterm tests.

International activity
The tutors of the Department make the field study with students of Ryazan State Agricultural and Technical University by Kostycheva P.A. according to the previous agreement.

The lecturers of the Department take part in International conferences and seminars in Poland, Israel and Russia etc.

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