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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


University Address:

9, Georgiya Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54020
tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
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Man is not a clay, a man is a grain, our task is to do everything to make this grain sprouted

Лихач Вадим ЯрославовичActing as head of the department – Lykhach Vadym Yaroslavovych, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor

telephone +380-98-243-84-71

History of the Department

Technology of Producing of the Livestock Products Department was established in 1987. The first name of the department was the Department of Zoological Technology. In 2010, the Department took the second place in the competition for the best graduation department of higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

According to the decision of the academic council of the Mykolaiv NAU and the decree of the rector № 191 of December 29, the department of the TPPT was reformed to the following volumes.

Since 2017 the department is headed by the doctor of agricultural sciences. Sciences, associate professor Lykhach V.Y.

Teaching staff of the Department:
Lykhach Vadym Yaroslavovych – Acting Head of the Department, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Topiha Vira Sergiivna – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor
Rybalko Valentin Pavlovych – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Academician of UAAS and RASGN, Professor
Trybrat Ruslan Oleksandrovych – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Kalinichenko Galyna Ivanivna – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Galimov Sergiy Nikolayovych – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Petrova Olena Ivanivna – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Grigorieva Svitlana Vitaliivna – Head of the Laboratory of the TPLP Department

List of Academic Disciplines
- Innovative Technologies of Livestock Production (Lykhach V.Y.)
- Modeling of Technological Processes in Livestock Breeding (Trybrat R.O.)
- Beekeeping Production Technology (Galimov S.N.)
- Fundamentals of Scientific Research and Patents (Kalinichenko G.I.)
- Designing Enterprises for Meat Processing (Petrova O.I.)
- System of Technologies (Galimov S.N.)
- Technology of Production of Sheep Breeding (Kalinichenko G.I.)
- Technology of Production of Pig Products (Topiha V.S., Kalinichenko G.I., Lykhach V.Y.)
- Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products (Lykhach V.Y.)
- Technology of Animal Slaughter Products (Petrova O.I.)
- Technological Equipment of Shops for the Processing of Livestock Products (Petrova O.I.)

МНАУ. Кафедра технології виробництва продукції тваринництва.

МНАУ. Кафедра технології виробництва продукції тваринництва.

МНАУ. Кафедра технології виробництва продукції тваринництва.

Teaching and Guiding Work

The department is graduated. Its teachers carry out a large amount of work to ensure a high level of training of future specialists for the agrarian sector.

The department carries out educational work on a step-by-step system: preparation of bachelors, specialists and masters; provides training for students from 14 disciplines of specialty 204 - "Technology of production and processing of livestock products": pig production technology, sheep production technology, modeling of technological processes in livestock breeding, selection of agricultural animals, tribal organization, methodology of scientific research and patenting, technology of slaughter of animals, innovative technologies of livestock production, technology of production of livestock products specialization ("Power engineering and energy systems in the agro-industrial complex").

The teachers of the department use modern teaching methods with the use of the latest software, film and video development. Practical classes are held in the production conditions of six branches of the department.

The staff of the department published more than 150 methodological works for the study of disciplines, writing course papers and projects, laboratory and practical classes, courses for lectures on disciplines: "Animal breeding", "Modeling of technological processes in livestock farming", "Technology of livestock production" specialization ("Power engineering" and energy systems in the agro-industrial complex ")," Fundamentals of scientific research and patenting "; monograph "Meat genotypes of pigs of the southern region of Ukraine", (2008, 22 pages); textbooks: "Pig Production Technology" (2012, 29), "Organization of Tribal Affairs" (2012, 10 pages).

The staff of the department published: the abstract of the lectures on discipline "Innovative technologies of production of livestock products" (2015, 17) monograph "Justification, development and introduction of intensive-technological solutions in pig breeding" (2016, 10 ).

Scientific and International Activity

At the department a scientific school of pigs was created under the direction of the doctor of agricultural sciences. Sciences, professor Topiha V.S. According to her leadership, 12 candidate and one doctoral dissertation on improving breeding and breeding work and introducing innovative technological solutions for increasing the production of pig products for effective management of the industry have been prepared and defended (state registration number 0112U007742). At present, under the direction of Professor Topiha V.S. and associate professor Lykhach V.Y. Scientific researches of 3 doctoral students (associate professor Lugovyi S.I., associate professor Galimov S.M., associate professor Lykhach A.V.) are conducted.

The research was conducted with the support of the State Fund for Fundamental Researches of Ukraine in the framework of the study of Sus Scrofa domestic pig gene pool dynamics for anthropogenic impact using neutral and selective-dependent DNA markers F 43/011 (No. 0111U006972).

Under the leadership of academician of UAAS, academician of the RASGN, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine Rybalka V. P. More than 40 methodologies and methodical recommendations in the field of pig breeding have been developed. He is one of the authors of more important breeding achievements in pig breeding: Poltava factory type of meat pigs (PM-1), high-yield maternal type in large white breed (UVB-1), Poltava breed (PM), red-breasted specialized line of m Pigs (CHPC). Under his leadership 4 doctoral and 15 candidate's theses have been prepared and defended. Professor Rybalko VP has 12 certificates of authorship and patents, it has published more than 400 scientific works.

The department develops and implements on the level of modern requirements selection genetic and technological methods of raising the production of livestock products in the southern region.

Teachers of the Department are regular participants in regional, state and international scientific-practical conferences, seminars, exhibitions. The department organized and held at the highest level three international scientific and practical conferences on pig breeding (2002, 2006, 2015).

According to the results of the implementation of the contracting subjects, two large breeding yards of the Great White and Durok breeds - "Mig-Servis-Agro" and a breeding breed of breeds of large white and Ukrainian meat - "Tavria pigs" were created and successfully functioning.

Much attention is paid to the intensification of research activities of higher education graduates. The department employs 3 groups of pigs, sheep breeding and innovative technologies.

The department directs its activities to the full development of international relations with leading institutions and organizations. The agreements on cooperation with the Grodno State Duma (Republic of Belarus) were concluded, creative agreements were concluded with the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Animal Husbandry (Moscow, Russia), Ulyanovsk Agricultural Academy (Ulyanovsk, Russia), Belgorod State Agricultural Academy (Russia), RUE "National -practical center of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences of Animal Sciences (Republic of Belarus, Zhodino), Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (Minsk), Moldova State Agrarian University (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova).

As a result of the victory in the second round of the Applied Research Contest, the department is the executor (2016-2019 years) of research works: "Implementation of innovative pork production technologies based on a promising gene pool of domestic and foreign origin" and "Scientific substantiation and development of new methods for determining the value of the tribe and Early prediction of farm animal productivity ", funded from the general fund of the state budget (Prof. Topiha V.S., associate professor Lykhach V.Y., associate professor Lykhach A.V., professor Kramarenko S.S., assistant professor. Luhovyy S.I.).

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