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Logo of Technology of Storing and Processing Standartization and Certification of Livestock Products Department.

How delicious, useful and beautiful products of meat and milk will do, to give all this the health and strength you will teach the cathedral

MNAU. Pidpala Tetyana.Tatyana Vasylivna Pidpala – is the head of the department, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, High achiever of Ukrainian Education and Science (III degree)

telephone +380-50-807-99-94

History of the Department

The department was organized in 2003 for deeper training of specialists in the processing of livestock products and specialists in quality, standardization and certification and food technologies.

From the first days of the establishment the department is headed by a scientist, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, High achiever of Ukrainian Education and Science (III degree) - Tatyana Vasylivna Pidpala.

During the years of the department's work in different periods worked: Associate Professor V.D. Ivanova, Associate Professor I.V. Nazarenko, Associate Professor O.M. Smorochinskyi, Associate Professor O.K.Tskhvitava; PhD of agricultural sciences V.I. Ryasenko, T.A. Vasilieva, O.O. Khomychuk; senior teacher (lecturer) T.V. Nakonechnaya, V. M. Benza; assistant professors O. V. Ivanchuk, O. I. Petrova, O. S. Marykina; senior laboratory assistant O. O. Kravchenko, laboratory assistant I.V. Muravskaya, S.O. Kazanovich.

Teaching Staff of the Department:

Pidpala Tatyana Vasylivna doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, head of the department
Yalpachyk Volodymyr Fedorovych doctor of technical sciences, professor
Striha Lyudmyla Oleksandrivna PhD of agricultural sciences, associate professor
Danilchuk Galina Anatoliivna PhD of agricultural sciences, associate professor
Taran Sergiy Illich PhD of agricultural sciences, Senior Lecturer (teacher)
Kramarenko Alexander Sergieovych PhD of agricultural sciences, assistant
Kyslynska Alla Ihorivna PhD of agricultural sciences, senior lecturer (teacher)
Fomina Svitlana Volodymyrivna Senior Lecturer (teacher)
Zaitsev Yevgen Nikolayovych post-graduate student
Shevchuk Natalya Petrivna graduate student
Matashnyuk Yuriy Sergiyovych post-graduate student
Mishurovska Alla Ivanivna Head of Laboratories
Golovko Julia Oleksiivna senior laboratory assistant

There are schedules of workouts and the plan of open lessons for the 2017-2018 academic year, a schedule for conducting consultations and working out of missed classes of students in academic groups by the teachers of the Department of processing technologies, standardization and certification of livestock products at the Faculty of Technology of Producing and Processing of the Livestock Products, Stanadardization and Biotechnology in the I semester.

List of Academic Disciplines

Technology of Milk and Beef Production (Pidpala T.V., Danilchuk G.A.)
Staff Certification (Pypala T.V., Danilchuk G.A.)
Quality Control Systems (Fomina S.V., Kyslynska G.A.)
Technology of Milk Production and Dairy Products (Kramarenko O.S.)
Technological Equipment for Milk Processing and Designing of Enterprises (Kramarenko O.S.)
Innovative Technologies of Livestock Product Processing (Strikha L.O., Kramarenko O.S.)
Processing Technology of Livestock Products (Kramarenko O.S.)
Biochemistry of Milk and Dairy Products and Technology of Diary Processing (Kramarenko O.S.)
Biochemistry of Milk and Dairy Products (Kramarenko O.S.)
Technological Equipment and Technology of Milk Processing (Kramarenko O.S.)
Certification of Products and Services (Strika L.O.)
Biochemistry of Meat and Meat Products (Stryha L.O.)
Technological Equipment and Technology of Meat Processing (Stryha L.O.)
Production Technology of Aquaculture Products (Danilchuk G.A.)

Scientific Research Is Carried Out in the Following Areas:

- organization of breeding process with Ukrainian red dairy breed at the stage of consolidation;
- peculiarities of beef production technology in the conditions of the South of Ukraine;
- evaluation of the influence of milk quality indicators of raw milk for cheese production;
- improvement fattening technologies, pre-slaughter keeping, slaughtering of farm animals, basic carcass processing and in the preparing cycle of the meat processing;
- studying technological features in livestock milking breeds;
- efficiency of the use of white currant densely landings in prevention against pollution of water reservoirs;
- evaluation of meat productivity of Ukrainian red dairy breed by selective genetic parameters;
- specific formation of ethological and productive features by breeding methods in the Ukrainian red dairy breed;
- specific technology of intensive diary production;
- specific technology of raising calves by the "cold" method.

Professor T.V. Pidpala carries out the research on milk production technology and the improvement of breeding methods for red dairy breeds and the creation of highly productive herds, lines, types. Tatyana Vasylivna is a co-author of the Ukrainian red dairy breed, fat dairy intrabreed and Taurian zonal factory types, factory lines of Dunay 485 and Hannibal 25833.

Teachers of the Department Conduct Scientific Researches:

- problematic issues of improving the quality of milk and dairy products, quality, standardization and product certification (assistant professor I.V. Nazarenko);
- research of improving ways, fattening technologies, pre-slaughter keeping, slaughtering of farm animals, carcass processing and operations in the preparing cycle of the meat processing (assistant professor L.O. Striha);
- improvement of the technology of pond fish farming (assistant professor G.A. Danilchuk);
- improvement assessments of breeding value and forecasting the productive characteristics of farm animals (assistant O.S. Kramarenko);
- research of population-genetic processes in herds of farm animals (assistant O.S. Kramarenko).

The department was the organizer and the active participant in the International scientific and practical conference "Newest technologies of cattle breeding in the XXI century" (Mykolayiv, 2008), "Innovative technologies and biological bases in the efficient cattle breeding" (Mykolayiv, 2011). Every year the teachers of the department take an active part in the conferences on selection, production and processing of livestock products, bee-keeping, fish farming, quality and safety of livestock products.

The department participated in the AGRO-2011 exhibition and was awarded with a gold medal for winning the competition of the best products, technology, scientific development. At the AGRO-2012 exhibition the department presented five business plans for the processing milk and meat, livestock, fish farming and bee-keeping.

The teachers of the department participated in the international conference "Quality of technologies - quality of life" and the competition-exhibition "100 best products".

The teachers of the department received five author's certificates on breeding achievements in livestock, in particular:

- "The Dunay factory production line 485 of the red steppe breed of cattle" (T.V. Pidpala and others, 1992);
- "The Factory Line Hannibal 25833" (T.V. Podpala and others, 2005);
- "The Ukrainian Red Dairy Breed" (T.V. Podpala and others, 2005);
- "The Fat Dairy Intrabreed " (T.V. Pypalala and others, 2005);
- "Tavria Zonal Factory Type" (T.V. Pidplala and others, 2005).

The industry standard JUU 15.71-37-662: 2007 (V.D. Ivanova) was developed.

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor T.V. Pidpala does the tutoring of graduate students E.M. Zaitsev, N.P. Shevchuk, Y.S. Matashnuk, who skillfully combine scientific research with factory practical activities. After graduating from the full-time postgraduate course M.M. Tymofiyiv expressed a desire to work at the processing plant "Lactalis-Mykolayiv".

L.O. Strikha defended a Ph.D. thesis in 2009, O.K. Tskhvitawa in 2011 and in S.E. Jasevin in 2012, O.V. Drovniak in 2013, O.S. Marykina and N.V. Grebenuk in 2015, S.O. Bondar in 2017.

The department has organized scientific student clubs, where 58 students are engaged in research work. The best works of the students are presented at the student conferences at the University and in other universities of Ukraine. They take part in Ukrainian contests where their authors are awarded with diplomas. Student competitions are held every year, and at the Ukrainian competitions from the disciplines which are taught at the department, students take prize places.

Teaching and Guiding Work

Teachers of the department actively implement their developments in production, carry out the contracting subjects, provide consultations and methodological assistance to producers on the profile of disciplines of the department.

The main scientific and educational achievements of the teachers of the department are:

- the textbook: "Production of Livestock Products: Technical and Technological Bases" (T.V. Podpalaya and others, 2016) - the monograph: "Genesis of the Breed Conversion in the Population of Red Steppe Livestock" (T.V. Pidpala, 2005); "Ecology and Technology Production of Carp Ling Down Material in the South of Ukraine" (I.M. Sherman, G.A. Danilchuk, and others, 2014);
- study manuals: "Breeding of Farm Animals" (T.V. Pidpala, 2006); "Livestock, Milk and Beef Production Technology" (T.V. Pidpala, 2007); "Technology of Products of Slaughtering Animals" (V.G. Pelykh, O.M. Smorochynskyi, I.V. Nazarenko, 2008); "Technology of Beekeeping Production" (V.D. Ivanova, 2011); "Selection of Dairy Cattle and Pigs" (T.V. Pidpala and others, 2012);
- courses of lectures: "Selection of Farm Animals" (T.V. Pidpala, 2005); "Livestock, Milk and Beef Production Technology" (T.V. Pidpala, 2006); "Technology of Products of Slaughtering Animals" (O.M. Smorochynskyi, I.V. Nazarenko, 2006); "Standardization of Livestock Products" (I.V. Nazarenko, 2007); "Technology of Beekeeping Production" (V.D. Ivanova, 2010); "Technology of Livestock Production" (V.M. Benza, 2011); "Specialized Meat Cattle Breeding" (V.I. Ryasenko, O.K. Tskhvitawa, 2011); "Production Technology of Meat and Meat Products" (L.O. Striha, 2011); " Management Systems of Quality" (A.I. Khimicheva, I.V. Nazarenko, L.O. Striha, 2015); "Biochemistry of Meat and Meat Products" (L.O. Striha, I.V. Nazarenko, 2015) "Certification of Personnel" (T.V. Pidpala, I.V. Nazarenko, 2016);
- reference books: "Practical Handbook of Stockbreeder" (T.V. Podpalaia and others, 2003); "Practical Handbook of Stockbreeder" edition 2 (T.V. Podpalaia and others, 2004).

Six certificates of copyright registration were obtained for: monograph Genesis of the Breed Conversion in the Population of Red Steppe Livestock" (T.V. Pidpala); course of lectures "Selection of Farm Animals" (T.V. Pidpala); course of lectures "Livestock, Milk and Beef Production Technology" (T.V. Pidpala); study manual "Breeding of Farm Animals" (T.V. Pidpala); study manual "Livestock, Milk and Beef Production Technology" (T.V. Pidpala); course of lectures "Standardization of Livestock Products" (I.V. Nazarenko).

Certification Training

Pidpala T.V., Danilchuk G.. took the advanced training course in the direction of "Innovative orientation of pedagogical activity". Pidpala T.V., Nazarenko .V. received certificates from the training program "New version of the standard ISO 9001:2015 "Quality Management Systems, their requirements". Internal audit of management systems in accordance with the requirements of the standards DSTU ISO 9001:2009, DSTU ISO 22000: 2007".

Pidpala T.V. and Nazarenko I.V. had internship at the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy at the Department of Labor Safety, Standardization and Certification; Pidpala T.V. had internship in the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies at the Departments: Technologies of Milk, Fats, Perfume and Cosmetics, Technologies of Meat, Fish and Sea food. Danilchuk G.A. had internship in the Gunllkson Farms (USA).

International Activity

The department maintained contacts within the framework of cooperation with Ryazan State Agrotechnological University; cooperates with scientists from foreign countries.

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