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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


University Address:

9, Georgiya Gongadze Str.
Mykolayiv, 54020
tel: +38 0 (512) 34-10-82
fax: +38 0 (512) 34-31-46

Scientific Work


Research Institute of New Objects and Educational IT

Research Institute of New Objects and Educational IT Research Institute of New Objects and Educational IT

The creation of Research Institute of New Objects and Educational IT is one of the stages of applied science development for the needs of agrarian and produc-tion economic fields of our state.

The Institute was founded on the basis of the problem research laboratory concerning the questions of the universal frame structures development.

The Head of the Institute is a famous specialist in the field of metal construc-tion designing and scientific research, Candidate of Sc. in Engineering, Associate Professor Volodymyr Bogza.

Main directions of scientific and practical activities:
1. The development of new constructive forms of steelworks from universal ele-ments.
2. The research of steel machine-building constructions work beyond the bounds of the elasticity and under the changing of the analytical model.
3. The technical diagnostics of buildings, constructions and its parts.

One of the main directions of the Institute activity is the scientific and techno-logical cooperation with the enterprises of agro-industrial complex, industrial policy, sea transport, defense and others.

The Research Institute of Modern Technologies in Agro-Industrial Complex

The Research Institute of Modern Technologies in Agro-Industrial Complex was founded in 2006 with the purpose of raising the level of fundamental and applied optimization systems research in agriculture and livestock-breeding; development of science-based technologies of agricultural production; the realization of soil monitoring, intensification of integration processes of higher agrarian education, involving students in scientific, research and development work.

The Research Institute of Modern Technologies in Agro-Industrial Complex

Research Institute offers the following services:
- introduction of new technology of growth regulators and herbicides to control weeds;
- development of the fertilization system for crops, both for the crop rotation and for separate crops (with and without the irrigation);
- development of the irrigation procedures for main agricultural crops on the farms of the region;
- development of the complex of measures for obtaining the grain crops seeds of high quality;
- development of micro cloning ecobiotechnologies for ornamental plants;
- increasing the erosion resistance of the south black soils and dark chestnut soils;
- providing the consultations concerning the questions of animal infectious disease diagnostics and treatment;
- prevention and treatment of gynecological disorders and animal infertility;
- organization of animal artificial insemination;
- estimation of lines, families and fertility by different selection indices;
- genetic estimation of animals, their certification and identification;
- the use of biologically active substances for feeding the animals;
- determination of the animal nutrition ration;
- optimization of feeding rations with the use of computers.

The Institute activity is directed at the improvement of management effectiveness in agriculture and agro-industrial complex, providing the high rates of economic growth, supplying the effectiveness of food safety and export potential formation, application of modern technologies into the agro-industrial complex.

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