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Agroosvita Hotel of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU)

Agroosvita Hotel


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The Special Features of Innovative Activity in the Agricultural and Industrial Complex of Economy

Innovative process in AIC has its own peculiarities. They differ by variety of regional, structural, functional, technological and arranging features.

For agricultural enterprises implementation of innovations into the industry consists of:
- implementation of new technologies of agricultural producing;
- using of new productive kinds in livestock and plant growing producing;
- using of biotechnologies, which give an opportunity to get more useful products;
- using of new technological devices for soil processing;
- using of energy saving and ecology innovative technologies, which give a possibility to increase the harvest fertility, decrease the outlays for the agricultural producing and save the surrounding.

One of the main elements of agricultural activity is formation of innovative policy with strategically and tactical aspects.

The goal of innovative policy is implementation of innovations into the activity of enterprises for providing of optimal workload. There should be two lines:
- accents on market and customer necessities which corresponds with marketing policy of the enterprise;
- recourses concentration with the help of innovative technologies of labor, material, financial and informative fields.

The innovative policy and its tendency should be realized step by step and correspond with the goals of enterprise.

Nowadays the innovative activity in AIC depends of science which is put into effect by the scientific institutes and educational personnel of Universities.

According to the Ukrainian culture features the mechanisms of innovative social climate improving are:
1. Changing of aims from competence into intellectual activity and generation of new knowledge.
2. Development of self-education with the accent on creativeness.
3. Formation of personal diligence habits in asserting of ideas and thoughts.
4. Implementation of arranging cultures of egalitarian types.
5. Supporting and encouragement of innovative enterprises and private innovative ideas.
6. Increasing of innovative educational level of managers on different stages.

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Arrangement of innovative activity of the University

The conception of innovative development for the nearest period defines the global goal and principles, priorities and tasks of Ukrainian agricultural education and science improvement.

Today, the main strategically task of our country is to provide the high quality of education with the help of its fundamental base.

According to it there are created such complexes and structures in MNAU as:
I. National Innovative Cluster Soil fertility with the goals:
- providing of ecological and product safety of Ukraine with the help of keeping and extended representation of soils;
- working out of project criteria and parameters system for landscape land surveying;
- creation of security system for keeping soils from wind erosion;
- creation of tutoring system and system of improving of skills level for the specialists in agricultural field with the goal of implementation of innovative technologies;
- supporting of scientific and researching activity in the branch;
- formation of market of high technologies market of works and services;
II. Educational and scientific centre.
On the base of this centre 15 scientific innovative projects are implemented. The main directions of them are:
- plant growing: projects of programmed harvest, foundation of fruit gardens, building of hothouses, producing of sterns;
- livestock: building of pig breeding scientific and producing centre, reconstruction of livestock complex, creation of laboratories fro definition of food products quality level, creation of bookkeeping sector;
- energy saving: building of biological gas cohenite construction for electricity and biological gas producing, creation of scientific laboratory in studying and implementation of energy-efficient systems and helium technologies, creation of scientific and producing laboratory in researching of biological types of fuel producing (biological diesel and biological ethanol), producing of fuel briquettes from waste plant and livestock products.
III. Scientific Institute of innovative technologies and context of agrarian education.
The main goals and tasks:
- creation of innovative technologies for the needs of industry and educational activity of University;
- monitoring of future prospects of our and foreign innovative technologies in agrarian industry and activity of Universities;
- implementation of innovative technologies into producing, education and science of University;
- development and widening of commercial strategy of innovative technologies which are created by the scientists of University;
- parity entry to the world educational space;
- supporting of Ukrainian agricultural educational system with European integration;
- working out of proposals of new regulatory acts as for implementation of innovative technologies into the agrarian industry;
- formation of investment attractiveness of the University;
- development of scientific and producing cooperation with local governmental structures, private enterprises of Ukrainian and foreign companies;
- transfer of innovative technologies;
- international and Ukrainian conferencing, holding of seminars and congresses in important topics of agricultural development.

Future plans:
- increasing of University role in social, educational, scientific and technological life of region;
- implementation of effective system of controlling and management at the University with the idea to improve the skills level of graduators;
- adaptation of students and graduators in the sphere of social and economical conditions of nowadays;
- attraction of Doctors of sciences, associate professors and scientific workers of the University to the innovative development process;
- creation of united informational space for qualified scientific, educational and innovative activity;
- development of foreign connection in the field of education and science;
- fulfillment of innovative educational projects, taking part into working out of grants;
- protection of intellectual property;
- Creation of necessary conditions for innovative activity in the borders of MNAU and attraction of non-budget means for projects implementation.

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Innovative projects of Mykolayiv National Agrarian University for 2010-2017

Projects of plant growing:
- Creation of national scientific cluster "Soil fertility";
- laying of fruit garden;
- building of hothouse complex in the conditions of Educational Scientific Practical Centre (ESPC) of MNAU;
- producing of sterns;
- project of programmed harvest;
- certification of organic lands in ESPC of MNAU;
- arrangement of essence and medicinal plants growing according to the organic standards.

Farming projects:
- building of educational Scientific Producing complex of pig breeding;
- reconstruction of farming livestock complex in conditions of ESPC of MNAU;
- creation of Scientific educational producing complex for meat, dairy and milk quality measuring;
- ponds over-fishing in conditions of ESPC of MNAU;
- zonal laboratory for products of beekeeping quality measurements.

Energy-efficient projects:
- building of biological gas cohenite construction for electricity and biological gas producing in conditions of MNAU;
- creation of scientific laboratory in studying and implementation of energy-efficient systems and helium technologies;
- creation of scientific and producing laboratory in researching of biological types of fuel producing ( biological diesel and biological ethanol);
- producing of fuel briquettes from waste plant and livestock products in conditions of ESPC of MNAU.

Projects of general direction:
- creation of regional scientific agricultural and technical part;
- creation of laboratory for gene modified organisms' measurement;
- creation of MNAU Trade Firm.

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